This annual oncology conference, The Summit on Cancer Health Disparities (SCHD), is one of the largest gatherings of cancer care professionals interested in cancer health disparities with a focus on achieving health equity. This year SCHD 2024 will feature lectures, panel discussions, and debates among leaders across the spectrum of cancer care delivery. This conference will bring together oncology professionals, cancer disparity researchers, and other stakeholders to discuss factors leading to cancer health disparities. A focus of the conference is to explore how these factors can be mitigated to optimize the outcomes of cancer patients. A distinctive feature of this conference is case-based discussions that will describe a problem, how it was solved, and the lessons learned.

SCHD 2024 is an accredited continuing education activity (CME activity) that will foster collaborative interdisciplinary interactions and partnerships to stimulate the development of new research and clinical practices that reduce cancer health disparities and improve outcomes of the diverse patient population.

Program Director: Dr. Binay Shah

Conference Co-Chairs: Dr. Ana María López, Dr. David Aboulafia, and Dr. Hannah Linden

Organizing Committee: Dr. Martha Pritchett Mims, Dr. Jorge Cortes, Dr. Kamran Mirza, Dr. Ishwaria Subbiah, Dr. Siddhartha Yadav, Dr. Kashyap Patel, and Dr. Dan Milner

Abstract Committee Co-Chairs: Dr. Martha Pritchett Mims and Dr. Siddhartha Yadav

Abstract Committee: Dr. Ronan Hsieh, Dr. Srinivas Tantravahi, Dr. Manisha Bhattacharya, Dr. Kamran Mirza, Dr. Gregory Vidal, Dr. Aparna Parikh, Dr. Ursa Brown-Glaberman, and Dr. Darya Kizub