15-years of advocating, educating, and innovating to improve cancer care

Our vision is to bring evidence-based cancer care to people living in every corner of the world!

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Binaytara Foundation

Advocating, Educating, and Innovating to Improve Cancer Care

Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center, Janakpurdham, Nepal

Providing cutting-edge, Evidence-based, compassionate cancer care to people of Nepal. The only cancer hospital in Madhesh Province, a state with over 6 million people.

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Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center, Janakpurdham, Nepal

Once completed, this cancer hospital will provide care to over 20,000 new cancer patients from Nepal and India, every year.

Oncology Continuing Education to Improve Patient Outcomes

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Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center, Janakpurdham, Nepal

Only Cancer Hospital in Madhesh Province.

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15-years of advocating, educating, and innovating to improve cancer care

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About Binaytara Foundation

Growing up in rural Nepal in the 1980s, co-founders Dr. Binay Shah and Tara Shah witnessed the human suffering caused by the lack of access to healthcare. During his residency training in Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Shah immediately recognized that inequities in healthcare existed not only in his native country Nepal, but also in one of the world’s wealthiest countries- in the neighborhoods of Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens in New York City.  A great admirer of Mother Teresa’s selfless care for the poor and vulnerable, Dr. Shah wanted to end the inequities in healthcare. He and his wife Tara established the Binaytara Foundation in October 2007 to improve health equity.

Our Founder’s Vision

Co-Founders Dr. Binay and Tara Shah established the Binaytara Foundation based on their belief that every human being should have access to cutting-edge, evidence-based, and culturally appropriate health care. 

Our vision is to make evidence-based cancer care accessible to everyone in the world! We look forward to collaborating with healthcare providers, healthcare institutions, governments, donors, and supporters to establish programs & services, develop human resources, and design innovative solutions to minimize cancer disparities.

Founder’s Vision - Evidence based accessible global cancer care

Our Impact

Binaytara Foundation Efforts - Largest Oncology educations Conference

Binaytara infographic  – Timeline

Binaytara Foundations Cancer Center in Janakpur Nepal

Binaytara infographic -Nepal Hospital

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Our Team

  • Andrea Veatch, MD - Oncologist and Hematologist in Puyallup

    Andrea Veatch, MD

    Dr. Andrea Veatch is a Board-Certified Oncologist and Hematologist in Puyallup, WA. Dr. Veatch joined the Binaytara Foundation Board of Directors in January 2023.

    Northwest Medical Specialties

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  • Binay Shah, MD - Hematologist, Oncologist and the Co-founder

    Binay Shah, MD

    Dr. Binay Shah is a hematologist oncologist and the co-founder of the Binaytara Foundation. He grew up in Nepal and came to the United States for residency training after completing medical school at the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Nepal. During his residency training in New York City, Dr. Shah and his wife Tara began working on their vision to improve access to healthcare in the United States and globally. After Dr. Shah's internal medicine residency training, the Shahs moved to Chicago for his fellowship training in Hematology-Oncology. They registered the Binaytara Foundation (BTF) as a public charity in Illinois in October 2007 to improve health equity and minimize disparities. As a community hematologist/oncologist who has practiced in various settings across the country, Dr. Shah is aware of cancer care disparities that usually arise when the latest updates are not easily accessible to oncology clinicians. Therefore, BTF started annual hematology and oncology conferences in 2012. Today, BTF is a leading hematology and oncology medical education provider in the United States. Under Dr. Shah's leadership, Binaytara Foundation has established itself as the leader in promoting equitable access to cancer care through education, advocacy, and innovation.

    Binaytara Foundation - President

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  • David Aboulafia, MD - hematologist/oncologist

    David Aboulafia, MD

    Dr. David Aboulafia is a hematologist/oncologist at Virginia Mason Clinic where he has been on staff since 1990, and has served as the Section Head in the department of Hematology/Oncology. His clinical focus involves benign and malignant hematology and primary and subspecialty HIV care. He has published over 250 articles in peer-reviewed journals that have focused on the medical care of patients he sees  in his clinical practice. He is a principal investigator of the National Cancer Institute-funded AIDS Malignancy Consortium and chair of the AMC outreach, education, recruitment, and retention committee. He is also a Clinical Professor of Medicine in the Division of Hematology at the University of Washington.
    Since 1992, Dr. Aboulafia has been the Medical Director of Bailey-Boushay House in Seattle. Bailey-Boushay provides care to people with HIV disease, promoting their health, well-being, and functional independence. Its goal is to ensure that every person with HIV/AIDS in our community has equal access to positive outcomes. Bailey-Boushay emphasizes acceptance of all people, compassion, safety, and the dignity and autonomy of individuals. Dr. Aboulafia also serves on the University of Washington Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) Committee, is Chair of the  Benaroya Research Institute Scientific Review Committee, and is a member of the HIV Medical Association and the International Association of Physicians for AIDS Care.
    Dr. Aboulafia became a BTF board member after taking a trip to Nepal in 2020 and seeing first-hand the work of the Foundation I was truly surprised and inspired by Dr. Shah and his wife Tara's vision to build a cancer center in Janakpur. Equity in cancer care and respect for all people is a guiding principles in all that they do. I came away from that trip knowing I wanted to help make an impact in a larger way on the lives of people with cancer and this was a way to do so. Although small, the BTF has already accomplished goals that I had previously thought were unattainable. Their unwavering but practical vision, their humanitarian goals, and their ethics really resonate with me and have helped inform my vision of what is possible in cancer care on a global stage.

    Virginia Mason Medical Center

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  • Mark Pegram, MD - Professor of Medical Oncology

    Mark Pegram, MD

    Mark Pegram, MD, is the Suzy Yuan-Huey Hung Endowed Professor of Medical Oncology at the Stanford University School of Medicine. He currently serves as the Associate Director of Clinical Research at the Stanford Comprehensive Cancer Institute (SCCI). Dr. Pegram also serves as the Associate Dean for Clinical Research Quality at the Stanford University School of Medicine, and is the Medical Director of the Stanford Clinical Translational Research Unit – a unit specializing in first-in-human phase I clinical trials. Dr. Pegram is the recipient of BTF Eternal Service award for his dedication to educating doctors, and improving the lives of cancer patients through his breakthrough research and clinical care.

    Stanford University School of Medicine

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  • Siddhartha Yadav, MD - Assistant Professor of Oncology

    Siddhartha Yadav, MD

    Dr. Siddhartha Yadav is an Assistant Professor of Oncology in the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and has authored more than 50 scientific articles and expert contents in high-impact journals. Dr. Yadav chairs the education committee of Binaytara Foundation and is actively involved in our educational activities as well as our global oncology programs.
    He earned his medical degree from the Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu, Nepal, and completed his Internal Medicine residency training at William Beaumont Hospital in Michigan. He then became a Chief Resident there and eventually moved to Minnesota for his oncology training at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Yadav has received numerous awards including Mayo Brothers Distinguished Fellowship Award and William H. J. Summerskill Award from Mayo Clinic, Young Investigator Award from American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), Outstanding Fellow Award from Minnesota Society of Clinical Oncology, Merit Award from ASCO, Scholar-in-Training Award from American Association for Cancer Research and Clegg Scholarship from the British Medical Journal. Dr. Yadav has also received a research grant from the Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO. His research and clinical interests lie in breast and gynecological cancers.

    Mayo Clinic

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  • Tara Shah, RN - Executive Director at Binaytara Foundation

    Tara Shah, RN

    Binaytara Foundation - Executive Director

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