Our vision is to make evidencebased cancer care accessible to everyone in the world!
We focus our efforts where it matters the most and where we can have a measurable impact.

A young boy smiles at the BTFCC staff during one of his medical visits

BTFCC clinicians and researchers gather at the BTFCC conference room to learn about research methodologies during a workshop organized by BTF on 2020

A BTFCC nurse cares for a young patient at the hospital in Janakpurdham

In the United States

Somewhere in the inner city Chicago neighborhood, a young mother is dying from cervical cancer in 2023. Her chances of survival would have been better had she:
Somewhere in rural Wyoming – a military veteran is dying from a type of curable lung cancer in 2023. This veteran’s chances of survival would have been better had:

We aim to change this through education, Advocacy & Innovation

Our Pyramid Model

We focus on building and strengthening the top two parts of the pyramid to make a greater
impact at the base. The programs and services we implement at the top two parts of the
Pyramid are informed by the healthcare needs of the general population that form the base of
the Pyramid.

The crown of the Pyramid represents institutions, programs, and services.

The body of the Pyramid represents the healthcare workforce.

The base of the Pyramid represents the general population


Somewhere in the urban slums of Nepal a young girl’s dream of becoming a teacher
and moving out of the slum has died with the progression of her mother’s undiagnosed
breast cancer. Her mother was working as a housekeeper in the city to send the
daughter to school.

This young girl’s chances of moving out of the slum would have been better if her mother:

  • Had the knowledge & awareness about breast cancer
  • Had access to a healthcare facility capable of screening for breast cancer and
    diagnosing cancers
  •  Had the financial means to pay for cancer treatments.
  • Had access to the clinical trials available for the cancer type/stage.


Patients treated


Lifesaving surgeries performed


Chemotherapy treatments provided


Healthcare providers trained through continuing education, tumor boards, and conferences