Journal of BinayTara Foundation

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Issue #1
Volume #1
ISSN: 2164-3644
Date Published: Dec 2011

BTF Journal 1
Table of Contents
I. Binaytara Foundation Mission and Vision, p.2-3
II. BTF Global Telemedicine Project, p.4-6
III. Malignant Hematology Review, p.7
IV. Physician Training Initiative in Blood Bank services, p.8
V. Stem Cell Transplantation, p.9-10
VI. Pemetrexed-induced aseptic meningitis, p.11
VII. BTF Research Grant, 2011, p.12-13
VIII. A Comment regarding human micronutrient intake, p.14-16
IX. Clinical application of Pranayama, p.17-19
X. Looking For C.U.R.E, p.20-21
XI. Upliftment & Unity, Chicago, 2012, p.22
XII. The Healthy Lifestyle, p.23-25
XIII. Global perspectives from a young physician, p.26-27
XIV. Online Blog, p.28
XV. Donate Today, p.28