Our values of Benevolence (doing good), Transparency (doing good responsibly), and Friendship (doing good together) guide our actions. The Binaytara Foundation leadership consists of highly accomplished and deeply committed individuals eager to make a difference in people’s lives.

We believe in caring for everyone.

Our work focuses on eliminating inequities in healthcare. As individuals born and raised in Nepal and edified by education and work experience in Nepal and the United States, co-founders Dr. Binay Shah and Tara Shah envision a world where everyone has access to healthcare services that improve their quality of life.

State-of-the-art is the only solution.

Everyone deserves access to the best healthcare solutions that exist. Therefore, we stubbornly devote our energy and resources to ambitious, transformative, cutting-edge solutions that promote innovation and evidence-based decision-making. While we keep our eyes on creating only the best solutions, we maintain that what is best for one community might not be the best for another. BTF co-founder Dr. Binay Shah says, – “each community is unique, so we focus on building the local version of Harvard and Stanford rather than implanting our version of the best in those communities.”

We pioneer transformation.

We recognize that transformation doesn’t come easy. Therefore, we THINK BIG, embrace innovation, take on challenging projects, and always punch above our weight in our pursuit of health equity. Programs and services established through our global oncology programs have transformed thousands of lives by bringing life-changing healthcare services to people in dire need of those services. Our game-based continuing education program is the first of its kind. We aim to transform the way continuing education is delivered to healthcare providers.

We harness technology & innovation.

We started telemedicine in 2010, when telemedicine was still a relatively new concept for most. We implemented an electronic health record system at the Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center in Nepal. We have invested heavily in innovative, state-of- the-art technology-based solutions to continuing education to healthcare providers, and delivering cancer care services in low-income countries.

We make decisions informed by evidence.

Data is our friend. We study what already exists, assess where the gaps remain and devise innovative, sustainable solutions based on evidence. We integrate feedback loops into solutions we build to inform our decisions and strategies further. The data we capture allows us to improve patient care at the hospital and give policymakers and other stakeholders insights into future healthcare needs.
Our continuing education programs, including hematology and oncology conferences, the medical journal, and the OncoBlast, are planned, implemented, and revised based on the data we collect from internal and external sources.

We believe in the power of partnerships & collaborations.

When Dr. Binay Shah came to the United States in 2003 to start his residency training, he landed in New York City with a suitcase, two-thousand dollars in his pocket, and nobody he knew in this country.
But he believed in the power of collaboration and partnership. As a result, BTF has forged several successful partnerships with governments, medical schools, non-profit organizations, and private individuals to design and implement some of the most impactful global oncology projects.
Today, BTF enjoys the support of thousands of volunteers, donors, and employees around the globe who go the extra mile to support our vision of ending inequities in healthcare.

We are vigilant, curious, and agile.

With our obsession with competing with nobody but ourselves, we are constantly monitoring and evaluating our strategies, actions, and impact to make timely and informed decisions that have the potential to amplify our impact. Whether our continuing education or global oncology program, we listen to and learn from our peers, constituents, and supporters to quickly adopt changes.

We champion transparency and accountability.

As a publicly funded charity, Binaytara Foundation maintains a transparent and responsible fiscal policy. We use our resources responsibly and share where our resources come from and what those resources are used for. BTF has received the Candid Platinum Shield of Transparency for our transparent fiscal practices.

We focus on sustainability through the empowerment of our constituents.

As a global cancer non-profit committed to ending healthcare inequity, our approach is to support, empower, and enable communities we work with to develop, sustain, and expand the local healthcare infrastructures, processes and human resources capabilities. Our partnership models support sustainable healthcare infrastructure and human resource development to meet the healthcare needs of our partner communities now and for generations to come.

We learn from our failures and turn failure into opportunity.

When our first partnership to establish a bone marrow transplant center in Nepal did not materialize, we took this failure as a lesson for the future. This experience helped us create sustainable, impactful collaborations with our other partners and supporters.