Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Binaytara Foundation. We have ongoing volunteer needs for a number of activities and projects. We also have volunteer opportunities at our in-person conferences.

Here are some of the volunteer opportunities we are currently recruiting for. Scroll to the end of this page to see what each opportunity entails and the resources available for volunteers:

  • Fundraisers
  • Conference Volunteers
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Marketing and Graphic Design
  • IT & Tech support
  • Education Committee
  • Journal Editorial Team
  • The Cancer News Experts and Contributors
  • Global Oncology Volunteers – supporting our cancer hospital in Nepal and beyondTeam

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Fundraisers – As you might have heard, Binaytara Foundation is building a 200-bed cancer hospital in Nepal. Once completed, this hospital will serve more than 20,000 new patients every year. This project will require a lot of funding. If you are interested in raising funds for this project, please checkout our fundraising toolkit. 

Conference Volunteers – As the leading oncology continuing education provider  in the US, BTF organizes many in-person conferences every year. If you are located in one of the states/cities where we have a conference coming up, come help us out with the conferences. See all upcoming conferences here.

Social Media Ambassadors: Are you an influencer on social media? Do you have friends, family, and fans who adore you and would value your opinions highly and follow your recommendations? Do you want to improve health equity and minimize cancer disparities? If the answer is yes, spread our message among your fans and followers. 

Marketing and Graphic Design – if you are a seasoned graphic designer or a marketing professional interested in minimizing cancer disparities and improving health equity, we have the same goals. Help us amplify our message and help us reach more people through effective marketing and visually appealing graphics. 

IT & Tech Support: If you are a developer, project manager, UI/UX designer, a tech expert, a hardware expert, an audio-visual technician, etc. interested in joining our team of change-makers, please get in touch with us. 

Education Committee: Join our education committee and help us impact more lives by educating healthcare providers about the latest developments in the field. Click here to learn about education committee roles and responsibilities.

Journal Editorial Team: The International Journal of Cancer Care & Delivery (IJCCD) is an open-source, peer-reviewed journal that publishes scientific articles focused on improving the care of cancer patients by minimizing or eliminating barriers to care delivery. Click here to learn more about joining the editorial team of IJCCD.

Global Oncology:  Join our growing family of passionate global oncology leaders to minimize cancer deaths globally. Depending on your skills, expertise, and time availability, we have numerous opportunities for you to contribute meaningfully to the field of Global Oncology. 

The Cancer News: Join our team of experts to disseminate timely, accurate, and impactful information to cancer patients, providers, and others who are interested in cancer related news. The Cancer News aims to be the “go to” source for  information related to cancer.