The 2023 Precision Oncology Summit: Personalizing Treatment to Improve Patient Outcomes is an oncology conference featuring leading experts in the field of precision oncology who will provide a comprehensive overview of the implications of actionable molecular alterations across common malignancies.

Expert faculty will discuss and analyze the latest scientific findings and practice-changing advances in precision oncology, including the key abstracts relevant to precision oncology presented at the 2023 ASCO Annual Meeting in June 2023.

This conference will augment healthcare providers’ foundation of knowledge and clinical competence in several areas, including:

  • Integrating different platforms available for testing of actionable molecular alterations for identification of targeted therapy options.
  • Current and evolving paradigms in precision oncology approach for management of common malignancies.
  • Trends, challenges, controversies, and cost-considerations of precision oncology approaches and targeted therapies.




888 Howard Street
San FranciscoCA 94103



  • Hematologists/Oncologists
  • Oncology Nurse Practitioners
  • Oncology Pharmacists
  • Oncology Physician Assistants
  • Oncology Fellows/Residents
  • Oncology Nurses
  • Researchers and others involved in the care of cancer patients



Upon successful completion of this educational activity on precision oncology, participants will be able to:

  • Identify frequent molecular abnormalities across several common malignancies and understand the appropriate timing of testing to detect these abnormalities.
  • Interpret results of next-generation sequencing and other biomarkers predictive of response to targeted therapies and recognize the challenges involved.
  • Explain the role, including advantages and disadvantages, of different testing methodologies available for a selection of targeted therapies.
  • Plan optimal molecular-targeted treatment strategies for the treatment of cancer.
  • Outline emerging research, the mechanism of action, and the role of novel molecular-targeted therapies in a clinical investigation for cancer patients.