Dr. Binay Shah is a hematologist oncologist and the co-founder of the Binaytara Foundation. He grew up in Nepal and came to the United States for residency training after completing medical school at the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Nepal. During his residency training in New York City, Dr. Shah and his wife Tara began working on their vision to improve access to healthcare in the United States and globally.

After Dr. Shah’s internal medicine residency training, the Shahs moved to Chicago for his fellowship training in Hematology-Oncology. They registered the Binaytara Foundation (BTF) as a public charity in Illinois in October 2007 to improve health equity and minimize disparities.

As a community hematologist/oncologist who has practiced in various settings across the country, Dr. Shah is aware of cancer care disparities that usually arise when the latest updates are not easily accessible to oncology clinicians. Therefore, BTF started annual hematology and oncology conferences in 2012. Today, BTF is a leading hematology and oncology medical education provider in the United States.

Under Dr. Shah’s leadership, Binaytara Foundation has established itself as the leader in promoting equitable access to cancer care through education, advocacy, and innovation.