Internship – Disparities and Global Health

Health Disparities and Global Health Internship with focus on Education and Capacity Building

Number of positions available: 1

Start date: can be between May 21, 2021 and June 1, 2021.

Application deadline: Open until filled

Duration: Must be able to commit for a full one year internship (48 working weeks total); minimum of 36 hours per week required. If situations permit, you will spend 10.5 months in the US and 1.5 months in Nepal during this internship.

Stipend: $1,500 per month paid in four quarterly installments upon completion of required milestones described below. In addition, the Binaytara Foundation will reimburse you up to $2,000 in travel expenses to go to Nepal for six weeks. Interns will stay (free) at the hostel provided by the Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center in Janakpurdham for the duration of their Internship experience in Nepal. 

Milestones required for Stipend disbursement:

Interns will be provided guidance and support by the Intern’s supervisor and other team members to complete these challenges:

Fundraising challenges: 

  • 1.) Anytime between month 1 to month 3 of Internship- Intern will design and implement a fundraiser to raise a minimum of $1,000 (one thousand dollars) to support the cancer center in Nepal – required for the first stipend disbursement.
  • 2.) Anytime between month 6 to month 12 of Internship- Intern will design and implement a fundraiser to raise minimum $1,500 (one thousand five-hundred dollars) to support the cancer center in Nepal – required for the third stipend disbursement.

Research Challenge:  

Between month 1 to month 9 of Internship – Intern will participate in at least one research project in collaboration with the executive director and/or other researchers associated with the Binaytara Foundation – required for the final stipend disbursement.

Authorship Challenge: 

Month 4 to month 12 of Internship – Intern will write and publish at least one article (research article or any other articles) related to the activities conducted during the internship in a peer reviewed journal, newspaper, or national magazine – required for the final stipend disbursement.

Activities and experience to be gained

As a BTF Health Disparity and Population Health Intern, you will receive direct mentorship from the co-founders of the Binaytara Foundation, and participate in assessing, developing, and implementing programs and services to minimize health disparities in the United States and Globally. This internship particularly focuses on the use of media and communication tools to minimize health disparities by advocating for, promoting, and sharing information to improve access to care, to promote health equity, and to minimize health disparities.

This internship is suitable for someone who wants to pursue their career in community health education, medicine, nursing, public health or other healthcare related social services and wants to improve their skills in health disparity research, provider continuing education, health related program planning, project grant writing, educational activity planning, fund development, database and record keeping, volunteer coordination, leadership skills, communication, collaboration, and engagement with stakeholders.

Intern with focus on Healthcare Education & Capacity Building will be involved in the following activities; this list is not all inclusive:

●      Organizing three to four major cancer conferences in the US, including a health disparity conference. 

●      Organizing one major cancer conference in South Asia. 

●      Conducting needs assessment; planning, implementing, and evaluating patient education programs focused on minimizing cancer disparities.

●      Conducting research and writing research articles on health disparities and other population health and global health topics.

●      Researching and writing grants, including research grants and program related grants. 

Organizing and supporting various fundraising activities for BTF projects.


Location: Must be able to work from our office in Issaquah, WA and travel to our project sites as needed (in compliance with local and national guidelines for COVID-19).

Education: Have completed Bachelor’s or Masters degree in health related field within the last 2 years, or expected to complete before starting internship.

Physical ability: Be able to lift up to 30 pounds when needed.

Technology: Typing skills a must (type with both hands without looking at the keyboard). Proficient in Microsoft Office applications, experience with Adobe InDesign and WordPress preferred.

Internal: Must be self-motivated with deep interest in cancer disparity and global health; must be able to work as a team member.

Legal: Must be a US citizen, permanent resident, or a valid F1 visa holder eligible for post-completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) in public health related fields or non-profit management.

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