The Binaytara Foundation is delighted to offer a 6 to 12 months, full-time Continuing Medical Education Planning and Implementation internship to individuals recently graduated from college (within the last 18-months) in community health education, public health, adult education, or other fields.

This internship requires a minimum of six months of full-time commitment and must be pursued outside of the college graduation requirements.

This Continuing Medical Education Planning and Implementation internship is suitable for those individuals who want to pursue their career in the non-profit sector or those who are interested in medicine, nursing, community health education, public health or other healthcare related social services and want to broaden their knowledge and skills in provider continuing education, health related program planning, project grant writing, educational activity planning, fund development, database and record keeping, volunteer coordination, leadership skills, communication, collaboration, and engagement with stakeholders.

As a BTF Intern, you will receive direct mentorship from our continuing education team members and participate in assessing, developing, and implementing educational activities to minimize health disparities in the United States and Globally. This internship particularly focuses on education as a tool (healthcare providers and healthcare consumers) to minimize health disparities by advocating for, educating, promoting, and sharing information to improve access to care, to promote health equity, and to minimize health disparities.



  • To provide a practical environment for interns to learn, gain knowledge & develop skills on various aspects of cancer health disparity and global health related issues.
  • To utilize interns’ skills and experience in building and supporting the organization’s existing and future projects.

STIPEND: $2000 per month

Internship Duration:  6 months to 12 months.

Eligibility: Must have graduated from a US College or University with a bachelors degree within the last 18-months.

Internship Schedule: A typical schedule is Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM. However, interns will be required to travel to conference sites during weekends.

Location: This is an in-person internship based in Bellevue, WA

Travel: Interns will be required to travel to our conference sites (including overnight stays) when needed.

During this internship, the intern may participate in all or some of the following projects and activities:

  • In-person continuing medical education conferences
  • Virtual educational activities
  • In-person fundraisers
  • Other programs and activities of the organization

Learning Modules

Module 1- Education for healthcare providers and healthcare consumers to minimize health disparities

Activities: Program Planning, Implementation & Evaluation

Learning opportunity type & description: Healthcare provider and community education. Intern will be involved in all aspects of the educational programs of the Binaytara Foundation which includes organizing major cancer conferences for healthcare providers and developing and implementing educational activities for healthcare consumers.

Healthcare provider education: Interns will be involved in planning and implementation of the educational activities organized by the Binaytara Foundation.

Community cancer awareness and education. Based on the result of the research mentioned in module 2 below, interns will plan and develop educational activities suitable for the community to build awareness and improve uptake of cervical cancer screening.

Anticipated skills to be gained:

  • Relationship building and networking (includes the use of social media, news/blogs, newsletters, and other forms of media to communicate with peers, partners, donors, supporters, and those whom our programs serve, and to advocate for health equity.
  • Overall design and implementation of educational activities which includes: needs assessment, identifying goals and objectives, identifying educational methods and strategies, developing program timelines, implementing the educational strategies, evaluating activities.
  • Event Planning: Logistics, event promotion, CME accreditation of physician education activities, etc.
  • Communication – includes digital communication, audio-visual preparation, website support, etc.

Module 2 – Fund development

Learning opportunity type & description: Various. Any public health professional must develop skills to raise funds for the activities or programs that they lead, develop, and support. Interns will be involved in various fund development activities including two fundraising challenges (these can be event-based, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer fundraising, major gifts, matching gifts, or any other form of fundraising) and will also be involved in grant writing for various projects that they work on.

Module 3 – Database and record keeping

Learning opportunity type & description: General. Interns will have the opportunity to participate in database and record keeping such as maintaining records of conference participant registration and attendance records, activity outcome survey reports, continuing medical education certification record, online database of grant makers, etc.

Module 4 – Volunteer Coordination, Leadership, Communication, and Collaboration

Learning opportunity type & description: General. Interns will be involved in volunteer coordination and leadership for various projects as well as actively participating in building relationships with stakeholders, community partners, and others for collaboration in various projects that they will be involved in. This will include active utilization of the internet media including blogs, social media, newsletters, websites, development and distribution of digital and printed communication materials, social media engagements, etc.