Weekly Tumor Board

Every Sunday the Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center presents patient cases to a virtual tumor board put together by BTF. This tumor board manages to put some of the best oncologists and hematologists around the world alongside each other to help those most in need. The Binaytara Foundation strongly believes in Advocating, Educating, and Innovating, and this initiative perfectly represents all three pillars.


The tumor board advocates for underserved patients in Nepals Region 2 by allowing their cases to be heard by some of the most renowned physicians in the world. Every patient deserves the best care possible, and we are ensuring that every patient in need has access to it.


The weekly tumor board also allows for ample physician education. Not only do top physicians get to collaborate and learn from each other, but so do the physicians and staff at the Binaytara Foundation. Each case is presented by the corresponding physician at the Cancer Center, and every staff member is encouraged to join. These Nepal-based healthcare providers are gaining access to education and mentors, which is seldom come by in rural underserved hospitals.


Finally, the tumor board innovates every step of the way. Utilizing the Foundations own Electronic Health Records each patient file is easily attainable. Something is rarely seen for a small cancer center, especially in countries like Nepal. The tumor boards also utilize a virtual platform that rids us of location-based barriers.


Binaytara Foundation