Volunteer Profile: Raksha Shrestha

Raksha ShresthaDr Raksha Shrestha manages BTF social media. She graduated from Nepal Medical College in December 2011 with honors. Following her keen interest in research, Raksha carried out her own study with grant aid from Binayatara Foundation during her third year of medical school. She published her paper entitled ‘Incidence of dysmenorrhea associated with high stress scores among the undergraduate Nepalese medical students’ in Journal of Institute of Medicine.

"Medical students should be encouraged towards scientific research, because they, as young investigators will grow up to be practitioners of evidence based medicine. Binaytara foundation provided me a unique opportunity which I want to share with young physicians like me, thus I chose to volunteer for the BTF social media. Social networks like facebook and twitter have tremendously helped BTF proceed with the recent activities and future plans." says Raksha.

Raksha recently earned the Diploma in Mountain Medicine and has found rock climbing as her new hobby next to travelling and reading novels.