Third patient recieved Bone marrow transplant at Civil Service Hospital

The Bone marrow transplant (BMT) team at the Civil Service hospital BMT center in Nepal has successfully completed bone marrow transplant on a third patient. The BMT center was established through a  joint collaboration of Binaytara Foundation, the University of Illinois Center for Global Health (UIC-CGH) and Civil Service Hospital, a government hospital in Nepal.

Under this partnership, the Binaytara Foundation sponsored the training of two physicians and one nurse on BMT at the University of Illinois hospital in Chicago. The Binaytara Foundation is currently supporting the training of Dr. Rupesh Mishra at Colombo University, Sri Lanka for his masters in Clinical Genetics. Dr. Mishra is expected to join the civil service hospital in the fall of 2017 after completing his training and start a genetic lab there to support the bone marrow transplant center.

The Binaytara Foundation plans to continue its efforts to build healthcare manpower in resource poor communities. As part of this commitment, we will be supporting the training of additional healthcare providers and physicians to help build the bone marrow transplant team at Civil Service Hospital.

Dr Bishesh collecting stem cells at the State of the art bone marrow transplant center at Civil Service Hospital, Nepal – a collaboration between Binaytara Foundation, UIC and Civil Service Hospital