Project SISTER

project sister

Project SISTER (Survey, Identify, Screen, Treat, Educate, Report) aims to prevent cervical cancer deaths among women in Nepal’s Province 2 by developing and implementing comprehensive cervical cancer prevention, surveillance, early detection, and treatment program.


Cervical cancer remains the leading cause of cancer deaths among Nepalese women, and studies suggest that less than 3% of eligible women have ever been screened for cervical cancer. Through project SISTER, we plan to achieve a cervical cancer screening rate of 15% within two-years with a minimum of 9,500 women (7% of all eligible women in Janakpurdham Metropolitan City) screened within one year. We will train and utilize the services of existing female community health volunteers to perform Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA) method of cervical cancer screening, a cost-effective, scientifically validated cervical cancer screening the method that can easily be performed by trained grassroots level providers in low-resource settings.

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