BTF Scholarship

BTF has discontinued this project.

According to the statistics released by UNICEF (2000-2006), the youth (age 15-24) literacy rate in Nepal is 81% in male and 60% among female. Even though the data for gross primary school enrollment seems very positive for both genders, the gross secondary school enrollment drops by more than fifty percent (overall less than 40% gross enrollment). These data suggest that fifty percent of the children do not go to school after completing (or without completing) the fifth grade. Various studies have shown that students from lower socio-economic backgrounds, girl students, and children of illiterate parents are among the majority of students who quit school before or after completing the fifth grade.
In an effort to help students successfully complete their high-school education and prepare them for a college degree, BTF came up with an idea of launching various education projects targeting the most vulnerable group of students who are likely to drop out early in their school years or those who otherwise would never attend school.
The first project was launched in 2007. On March 31st, 2007, BTF distributed uniforms and stationeries to 33 underprivileged (lower caste or Dalits, students from poor families, students from the least represented ethnic group and gender etc) students of Yog Kumar Secondary School, Blaba-Sarpallo, Mahottari, Nepal. BTF scholarship was provided to 44 schoolchildren in 2008.

Scholarships were given to those students among the underprivileged, who met the following criteria at a minimum.

  • School attendance (more than 75% attendance)
  • Academic achievements and grades (rank in class/ pass grades)
  • Family income (Annual household income <10,000 Rupees)