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Since the year 2008, the BTF has provided research grants to over 20 medical students, other healthcare students, and physicians from Nepal & India. Many of the recipients had their BTF funded research published in peer-reviewed journals.

Starting 2016, the BTF will be revising the scope of its research grants to exclusively fund projects that focus on preventative aspects of health care and utilize  locally available resources to implement scientific and innovative strategies in healthcare problem solving.

Such projects may include cancer prevention and screening, infection prevention, prevention of thrombosis (blood clot) following surgery, smoking cessation, diabetes management among others.

 BTF medical research grant 2014 recipient Dr. Ritesh Thapa making Home visit as part of his cerebral palsy research

BTF medical research grant 2014 recipient Dr. Ritesh Thapa making home visit as part of his cerebral palsy research

Consistent with our mission, BTF leadership, volunteers, and partners are committed to bringing positive changes in communities around the world. We strongly believe that real change is possible with persistence and passion for the cause. We encourage passionate and interested healthcare providers in Nepal to apply for the BTF research grant.

The selection process for these research grants  is thorough & competitive. In order to qualify for the grant, you must demonstrate a true passion for the change you intend to bring. The grant amount has been increased to up to 5,000 US dollars per project per year. The investigator will receive a monthly stipend and other support to conduct the approved project. Projects may be conducted as pilots and expanded to other areas if successful.

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