BTF Nepal Home Hospice Program

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Binaytara home hospice program in Nepal started in January 2016. The hospice care team visits patients at homes as needed and provides education, support, and comfort care to the patients and their families. Hospice and palliative care is holistic care and includes addressing the social, psychological, and spiritual needs of patients with incurable diseases, as well as their physical needs.

Tricia Raynolds, a hospice and palliative care ARNP from Boise, Idaho visited Nepal in January 2016 to train the Binaytara home hospice team. During the training, Tricia and the Binaytara home hospice team in Nepal visited terminally ill patients and their families at their homes. Tricia says, “These visits have been much appreciated, at least by the families. For one family we encouraged them to have the patient take his pain medicine at bedtime, so he would sleep better, as the patient denied pain but was up all night, which was tiring everyone out. We also encouraged allowing the patient to eat for pleasure, rather than having it as a source of conflict in the home. For another we facilitated discussion about stopping the oral chemo, which the patient wanted due to side effects, but some of the family was reluctant. For the third family, we simply advised to put the liquid stool softener in juice to prevent constipation. These may seem like little things, but these little things can make a big difference for patients and families coping with incurable diseases. And the nurses come into the homes with respect, knowing that we are there to prepare, support, and teach. The goal is quality of life and comfort for the patient.”

The Binaytara home hospice services are currently provided to the terminally ill patients in Patan, Lalitpur district. Six months after the home hospice program started, we have already provided care to 46 terminally ill patients and their families. With your help and support, we expect to be able to expand the number of patients served and the geographical area served. I invite you to join hands with us to help alleviate the suffering of terminally ill patients, one patient at a time. Your kindness can go a long way in helping a dying person live the last few days/weeks/months of their lives peacefully and surrounded by their loved ones.

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Tara Shah, Co-founder, Binaytara Foundation