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Well, for cancer patients in Nepal’s Province 2, fighting cancer meant traveling 8-hours by bus to the nearest cancer hospital where most providers do not speak your language. 


For them, it meant leaving your loved ones behind to fight cancer alone, in a place where you cannot speak the local language, and you do not understand the culture, and you do not know what is going on with your health.


In 2018, the Binaytara Foundation opened the doors of the Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center (BTFCC) in Janakpur, Nepal in partnership with its local sister non-profit, the Binaytara Cancer Trust. This 25-bed hospital is the first and only cancer hospital in Province 2, a state with more than six million people. Today, BTFCC offers state-of-the art cancer prevention, early detection, cancer treatment, chemotherapy, surgical oncology, palliative care, ICU, in-patient care, and laboratory services. The pharmacy supplies services to cancer patients and non-cancer patients in the region. The Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center helped to save many lives during the COVID-19 crisis when COVID-19 related lockdowns and restrictions made traveling to other regions for care challenging for  many patients in Nepal’s province 2 and neighboring states. Cancer patients were able to continue their cancer care close to home from care providers who understand their culture and speak their language.


But there is more work to be done…..The 25-bed cancer hospital is the first and only cancer hospital in Province 2, a state with more than six million people. The hospital is currently operated from a rented building. We need your help to expand and improve the services at the Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center. 

Fighting Cancer In Nepal's Province 2

Fighting cancer in Nepal.

In 2018, we opened the Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center (BTFCC) in Janakpur, Nepal. 

The 25-bed cancer hospital is the first and only cancer hospital in Province 2, a state with more than six million people.  

BTF has a goal to raise $10 million to build the first phase of a new 200 bed hospital in Janakpur to serve patients in an area of 25 million people in Nepal and the neighboring Indian state of Bihar. 

The new hospital would have capacity to serve 20,000 patients a year. 


Dear donor,

Thank you for your generous gift to the Binaytara Foundation to support the construction of a 100-bed Cancer Hospital in Janakpur, Nepal. The donation you are making today will help to save many lives.

Below, I am sharing the story of Sita Devi, whose life was saved because of the generosity of donors like you! Sita Devi is a 35-year-old mother of three boys who was admitted to the Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center (BTFCC) in Janakpur in May 2020 with a diagnosis of Stage IV breast cancer. Sita Devi is from a village about 18 kilometers east of BTFCC and was receiving care at a cancer hospital about 250 kilometers from her home before the COVID-19 Pandemic started. However, after the pandemic started, the government of Nepal implemented travel bans and shut down all forms of transportations as a measure to prevent the spread of COIVD-19 – Sita Devi and other cancer patients were forced to go back to their home state. Fortunately for Sita Devi, our cancer care team was there; and she was able to continue her cancer care at the Binaytara Foundation Cancer that you are supporting. Sita Devi responded well to the treatment and was able to be with her extended family throughout her treatment journey.

Donation from supporters like you made it possible to save Sita Devi’s life!

As a publicly funded charity, the Binaytara Foundation maintains a transparent and responsible financial policy. 100% of donations from individual donors go into actual projects. We will update you, via our annual reports and newsletters, how your donations are changing lives.

Please make your contributions below. Contributions made to the Binaytara Foundation, a 501(c) 3 non-profit, may be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please reach out to me directly if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thank you for your generosity!


Tara Shah

Executive Director, Binaytara Foundation


The Binaytara Foundation will be the primary funder of this project. Our revenue comes from sponsorships, grants, and donations. Help make this Nepal Cancer Center a reality by donating. You can also take your support to the next level by creating a donation campaign on Facebook and other platforms.

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