Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center in Nepal


The Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center (BTFCC) is a 25-bed cancer hospital in Janakpur, Nepal. The BTFCC was established in December 2018 in partnership with our sister non-profit, the Binaytara Cancer Trust. The Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center currently provides state-of-the art cancer prevention, early detection, cancer treatment, chemotherapy, surgical oncology services, palliative care, ICU, in-patient care, laboratory services including tumor markers, vitamins and hormone levels, radiology services, and pharmacy services to cancer patients and non-cancer patients in the region.


The center is desperately needed in the region, which currently lacks a comprehensive cancer center. It will be the only state-of-the-art cancer center in Nepal’s Province No. 2, which is the most densely populated province in the country. The center will serve a population area of about 15 million, including those from neighboring provinces and India.

The establishment of this center comes at a time when Nepal and the rest of Southeast Asia is experiencing a surging burden of noncommunicable disease. Oncology in Nepal is currently in its infancy, like most other developing countries. The Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center (BTFCC) is a project aimed at developing the infrastructure and human resources needed to meet the ever growing needs for cancer care in Nepal. 




The Binaytara Foundation will be the primary funder of this project. Our revenue comes from sponsorships, grants, and donations. Help make this Nepal Cancer Center a reality by donating. You can also take your support to the next level by creating a donation campaign on Facebook and other platforms.


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