Naming Rights

The construction for a 200-bed Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center in Jankpurdham, Nepal will begin in Summer of 2021. Once the construction is completed, the BTFCC is expected to provide cancer care to estimated twenty-thousand cancer patients every year (Spring 2024).

This cancer center will feature various in-patient and out-patient departments and service units listed below. Your support to build these departments and parts of the hospital will have a lasting impact in thousands of patients’ lives for generations to come.


Naming rights start at $10,000. Help us build a patient room at the new 200-bed state-of-the-art cancer hospital in Janakpurdham by donating $10,000, and the patient room will be named after you or the person of your choice. 


With a $50,000 donation, we have naming rights for many departments that you can choose from. 


View Available Naming Rights Options 

Benefits to the Donor:

  • The selected Department, Patient room or the unit will be named after the donor or person(s)/organization of donor’s choice.
  • A dedication plaque will be placed on the wall outside the department or suite named after the donor or the person/organization chosen by the donor.
  • Donor name on donor recognition wall.

View Available Naming Rights Options 

Naming Rights Donation Amount

Clinical laboratory – $100,000

Dialysis unit – $100,000

Pathology unit – $100,000

Pediatric Oncology Ward – $200,000

Medicine Ward – $200,000

Surgical Oncology Ward – $200,000

Chemotherapy Infusion Suite – $200,000

Endoscopy Suite – $100,000

Emergency Department – $200,000

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) – $150,000

Outpatient Clinic – $200,000

Radiology Department – $250,000

Radiation Oncology – $250,000

Patient Rooms –  $10,000 per patient room – total 75 patient rooms

Mammogram – $50,000

Nuclear medicine – $100,000

Ultrasound – $50,000

Cardiology lab – $100,000

Physical therapy – $100,000

Pulmonary function lab – $50,000

X-ray Unit – $50,000

Conference rooms – $100,000 each (total 3)

Operating Rooms (OR)  –  $100,000 each (total 9 including operating rooms for out-patient surgery and in-patient surgery)

CT Scan Room – $100,000

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