Naming Rights

In April 2022, we broke ground to start the construction for a 200-bed cancer hospital  in Jankpurdham, Nepal. Once the construction is completed, the Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center (BTFCC) is expected to provide cancer care to estimated twenty-thousand cancer patients every year (Spring 2026).

This cancer center will feature various in-patient and out-patient departments and service units listed below. Your support to build these departments and parts of the hospital will have a lasting impact in thousands of patients’ lives for generations to come.

Naming rights start at $25,000. Help us build a patient room at the new 200-bed state-of-the-art cancer hospital in Janakpurdham by donating $25,000, and the patient room will be named after you or the person of your choice.

Radiology Department USD 500000
Radiation Oncology USD 500000
Pediatric Oncology Ward USD 300000
Medicine Ward USD 300000
Surgical Oncology Ward USD 300000
Chemotherapy Infusion Suite USD 300000
Emergency Department USD 300000
Outpatient Clinic USD 300000
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) USD 250000
Clinical Laboratory USD 250000
Dialysis Unit USD 250000
Pathology Unit USD 250000
Endoscopy Suite USD 200000
Conference Rooms (3) USD 200000 each
Operating Rooms (9) USD 200000 each
CT Scan Room USD 150000
Cardiology Lab USD 150000
Physical Therapy USD 150000
Nuclear Medicine USD 150000
Ultrasound USD 75000
Pulmonary Function Lab USD 75000
Nursing station USD 75000 each
X-ray Unit USD 50000
Mammogram USD 50000
Patient Rooms  USD 25000 each

Benefits to the Donor:

  • The selected Department, Patient room or the unit will be named after the donor or person(s)/organization of donor’s choice.
  • A dedication plaque will be placed on the wall outside the department or suite named after the donor or the person/organization chosen by the donor.
  • Donor name on donor recognition wall.

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