How to Create a Donation Campaign

Are you interested in fundraising for our cancer center in Nepal? Want to make a difference? Create a donation campaign today. 

Why join Team BTF?

The Binaytara Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit established in October 2007 that aims to improve healthcare in resource-poor communities. We improve cancer care worldwide by collaborating with other organizations, individuals, and governments to develop programs and services that improve access to care. Team BTF is big because we want everyone to have access to cutting-edge, evidence-based, and culturally appropriate health care services.

As part of Team BTF, you can participate in our signature fundraising events including the BTF Charity Fundraiser Gala and NorthWest Cancer Climb. You can also host donation campaigns on our main website. Let us together fight cancer and make quality cancer care and health care services accessible to all.

Step 1. How to Raise Funds with Team BTF


An annual fundraiser gala takes place in Bellevue, WA as a social event for attendees of the Summit on Cancer Health Disparities Conference. We conduct a silent auction and/or raffles to gather funds for our cancer center in Nepal. One can help by soliciting auction items for this event.


Previous years we have organized the Northwest Cancer Climb fundraiser event. Involving a trek to the Oyster Dome in the Chuckanut Mountains of Bellingham, WA to raise funds for the purchase of various equipment needed for our cancer center in Nepal. Some equipment include a syringe pump, operating table, ICU ventilator, and more.


Start your own donation campaign by visiting the Binaytara Foundation main website and following the Step 2 instructions below. You can raise funds to purchase an equipment for the cancer center or for the cancer center in general.


Step 2. Create your own fundraising page

1. Find the “Donation” tab at the top right on the main menu and move the cursor to the bottom where it says “Donation Campaigns.”

2. Once you click on the “Donation Campaigns” tab, you will arrive at the Donation Campaigns page where you can start your first campaign by clicking on “Create Campaign.”

3. Enter you login information or register for first time users.



4. After log-in is complete, you will now be able to enter the fundraiser campaign information. Make sure to save & preview the campaign to see how it will appear on the website or submit the campaign (you can still edit upon submission).

5. After submission, you will be able to view the campaign here and you are all set! To edit, click on your campaign and press “edit campaign” at the top right.

Step 3. Share your page with friends and family


Post the link

When creating your post through your personal Facebook profile Home Page


When creating your post through the Binaytara Foundation Facebook page

How to Create a Campaign Post through the BTF Facebook page

  1. Go to the Binaytara Foundation Facebook page
  2.  Click on the “Fundraisers” tab to the left main menu, then click “Raise Money” tab to the right.

3. Enter the campaign details and add the link so everyone can donate through your donation                                          campaign page on the BTF main site.


 Alternatively, for those who did not create a donation campaign through the BTF main site, you can                            create the campaign through the Binaytara Foundation Facebook page by following this method.

4. Share the Facebook campaign post with family & friends and let everyone know about this important                          cause!

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