First issue of the Journal of BTF published

BTF JournalThe first issue of the Journal of Binaytara Foundation has been published. The publication is freely available at BTF’s journal portal. The highlights of this issue are:


Table of Contents
I. Binaytara Foundation Mission and Vision, p.2-3
II. BTF Global Telemedicine Project, p.4-6
III. Malignant Hematology Review, p.7
IV. Physician Training Initiative in Blood Bank services, p.8
V. Stem Cell Transplantation, p.9-10
VI. Pemetrexed-induced aseptic meningitis, p.11
VII. BTF Research Grant, 2011, p.12-13
VIII. A Comment regarding human micronutrient intake, p.14-16
IX. Clinical application of Pranayama, p.17-19
X. Looking For C.U.R.E, p.20-21
XI. Upliftment & Unity, Chicago, 2012, p.22
XII. The Healthy Lifestyle, p.23-25
XIII. Global perspectives from a young physician, p.26-27
XIV. Online Blog, p.28
XV. Donate Today, p.28