BTF ACCES to support low-income cancer patients

Advancing Cancer Care for Economically Stressed Families (or BTF’s ACCES program) is a type of financial aid program which helps cancer patients in Washington State with young children access childcare services during cancer treatments. Anyone interested in the program must be screened for eligibility. The body which will do this screening is currently BTF. Once screened, the patient (or their significant other or trusted advocate) along with the patient’s care provider, social worker/nurse navigator will fill out an application to the program. The family’s proof of income must be provided – we ask that you submit the most recent year’s tax return. Proof of qualifying for another program based on financial need, such as enrollment into certain Washington Apple Health Programs or Medicare Savings Programs can be used in place of last year’s tax return. The patient’s family will be responsible for finding their own childcare provider. This provider must then fill out a partnership application. The childcare provider will be reimbursed after the service is provided and upon sending us an invoice.

Please email us to obtain an application for the BTF ACCES program.

ANNOUNCEMENT: ACCES is now open to caregivers of cancer patients! If you care for a cancer patient, but need someone to take care of your children while you support a cancer patient, you may be eligible for support.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is BTF ACCES?

BTF ACCES offers physical, psychological, and financial relief to cancer patients with young children by providing them means to obtain child care while undergoing cancer treatment.

What is the goal of BTF ACCES?

The goal of BTF ACCES is to improve the quality of life of low-income cancer patients by making cancer care accessible, by providing opportunity to spend quality time with family, and by ensuring older siblings don’t miss school in order to take care of their younger siblings while their parent undergoes cancer treatment.

Who is eligible for BTF ACCES?

Washington cancer patients with annual household income below 200% of the Federal Poverty Line (FPL) who have young children requiring childcare services are eligible to apply for BTF ACCES. Care givers of cancer patients who live in Washington State and have a household income below 200% of the FPL may also apply.

Is this program restricted to people with certain types of cancer?

No. This program is open to any Washington resident who has an active diagnosis of any type of cancer, is undergoing treatment, has children, and fits the financial requirements of the program.

How do I apply ?

If you are a cancer patient needing help with childcare, please complete the application for support, have your care provider (social worker or a nurse navigator) complete their part and return it to us via email – We recommend that you do not fax or email sensitive documents containing your personal financial or other sensitive information. Those documents should be hand delivered or mailed to our office located at  2219 Rimland Drive, Suite 301, Bellingham, WA 98226. For speedy processing, please indicate BTF ACCES on the envelope.

How long is the turnaround time?

Once we receive the application and all necessary information, it will take about a week for us to make a decision.

What is the next step after approval?

Once you are approved, you will identify a childcare provider and notify us of your childcare provider selection. We recommend that you verify the qualifications and ability of the childcare provider before selecting them to provide care to your children. However, it is up to the parent to decide who is best suited to provide care to their children. You can find information on finding a childcare provider here –

Once you identify a child care provider, you will schedule childcare with the identified provider. The childcare provider will then notify us of the schedule and send an invoice for the childcare after the care has been provided.

Does the childcare provider I select need to do anything to be reimbursed?

Yes. If the child care provider is not already our partner, the she/he will apply for partnership and sign reimbursement/payment agreement with the Binaytara Foundation under the BTF ACCES program. Once the childcare provider’s partnership application has been reviewed and entered into our system, we will pay the childcare provider directly for the eligible child care services provided to your children.