BTF Provides Scholarship to Physician to Study Molecular Genetics

rupeshmBinaytara Foundation provided scholarship to Dr. Rupesh Mishra of Civil Service Hospital Nepal for his Masters in Clinical Genetics at Colombo University, Sri Lanka. Dr. Mishra started his clinical genetics training in August 2015, and is expected to complete it in 2 years. Upon completion of his clinical genetics course, Dr. Mishra will return to Civil Service Hospital in Kathmandu to join the Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) team.


In the winter of 2013, BTF supported the training of three Bone Marrow Transplant team members from Civil Service Hospital at the University of Illinois at Chicago. After his training, Dr. Mishra will manage the molecular and genetics laboratory at Civil Service Hospital. Molecular and genetics laboratory is an important part of Bone Marrow Transplant center.

The BTF is committed to improving healthcare in resource poor communities through collaboration, mentorship, and the development of infrastructure and healthcare manpower.

Please visit our BMT project page to learn more.