BTF Medical Research Grant Recipients Publish Research Articles

BTF Medical Research Grant recipients Raksha Shrestha and Mingma Sherpa‘s research findings have been published in a medical journal. Their paper titled "Incidence of dysmenorrhoea associated with high stress scores among the undergraduate Nepalese medical students" was published on December 2010 issue of Journal of Institute of Medicine.

BTF has received encouraging feedback from medical students for the grant. Here’s a testimonial of a grant recipient:
"When I first stepped into medical school, the charms of medicine for me were either inside the huge books of medicine or in the rooms of clinical practice. Medical research was someplace I had heard about but never visited. During my third year of medical school, which was more or less a transition period from basic science to clinical science, I came across real patients, their disease conditions, the process of diagnosis and appropriate treatment. I would wonder how a certain drug or any other therapy claimed to be the treatment of choice. The answer to my question was ‘ evidence-based medicine’ . I became more intrigued and began to seek more knowledge on medical research. BinaytaraMedical Student Research Grant presented as an extraordinary opportunity before me, which not only made me realize the essence of medical research but also made me confident and more proficient in areas of communication, teamwork as well as clinical skills. I think that being involved in research as a medical student encourages one to ask questions, to be exposed to the current information and move forward in a potential field. Altogether my participation in a research project has been an exciting and rewarding experience. I look forward to working in more research projects in the future.
My sincere thanks to BTF.

Raksha Shrestha
Nepal Medical College and Teaching Hospital.
Kathmandu Nepal

BTF Medical Research Grant is provided annually to selected competitive medical students in Nepal and India. The application portal is currently open and guidelines for applications are available here.