BTF Medical Research Grant 2010- now accepting applications

Binaytara Foundation (BTF) is accepting applications for medical research grant for the year 2010. The application deadline for all grant applications is Oct 31, 2010. Applications received after deadline will be considered for research grant in 2011. Grant awards will be provided in amounts upto 500 US dollars per project.

Any medical student studying in Medical Schools in Nepal or India is eligible to apply for the research grant. One medical student can apply as principal investigator for only one grant per year. Each research proposal should be written by one medical student with a preceptor (mentor).

Institutional Support

The applicant must demonstrate that the project will be allowed to be done in his/her medical school. He/she must produce a copy of approval or pending approval of the proposed study by institutional review board (IRB), OR its equivalent.

Applicants should submit the research proposal online. Please visit for more information.

Please email us at if you have any questions.

You must be a registered user to be eligible to apply for the research grant. Further information is available at You may download a pdf version of the grant announcement here.