BTF Earthquake Relief

About the problem:

On April 25, 2015, a 7.8 Magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, killing over 8000 people, injuring twice as many, and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless. Two weeks later on May 12, 2015, another deadly 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal that took lives of over one hundred people, and left already damaged natural and man-made infrastructures crumbling. Above all, the biggest tragedy this earthquake brought was the fear, uncertainty, and emotional distress that will take years to heal.

Millions of dollars’ worth of support poured into the country as the world heard about the devastation. But thousands of families outside Kathmandu still remain with no safe shelter, no food, and an uncertain future. These people haven’t stopped mounting their losses, but life has to go on. People have started rebuilding their houses, and working on the farms as the monsoon is coming and they depend on the monsoon rain for their crops to grow.

What did the BTF do in the beginning to help the earthquake victims?

During the early days after the earthquake, the Binaytara Foundation (BTF) collaborated with local non-profits in Nepal to provide immediate relief to the earthquake victims. The BTF partners and volunteers distributed rice, lentil, oil, sugar, parched rice, bhujia, soap, medicine, and tents to approximately 150 families affected by the earthquake in Bhotachaur village of Sindhupalchok district. The BTF and its partners also provided medical care and corrugated metal roof (known as jasta in Nepal) to those affected by earthquake. This relief effort was in collaboration with the rotary club of Durbarmarg, Kathmandu. In addition, we partnered with another non-profit in Nepal Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha and were able to provide relief materials to hundreds of families in Gorkha and Chatra Deurali, Dhading. In Gorkha district we distributed 240 unit tents, 100 blankets, 5 rolls of plastics, and food supplies such as instant noodles (80 boxes), biscuits (10 boxes), and 600 kg rice. In Chattra Deurali, Dhading, we distributed 100 unit tents, 3 boxes of biscuits, and 200 kg of rice to the earthquake victims belonging to the so called lower caste (Dalit).

What did the BTF do next?

As the monsoon approached, the Nepal earthquake survivors are not sure if their temporary shelters made of plastic tents would protect them from the monsoon rain. The BTF took the initiative to help these people rebuild the houses. The BTF partnered with a local non-profit, Help Nepal Network to help build temporary homes that can stand the monsoon rain. The materials used to build these temporary homes could also be used to rebuild permanent houses when the villagers were able to build.

With your help, we provided the Nepal earthquake survivors with corrugated tin roof (known as Jasta pata) which was used in their temporary homes as well as their permanent homes when they were able to build one.

Losing a loved one is devastating; losing the entire family is beyond words. That is what many of these earthquake survivors of Nepal have had to endure. The BTF prefers to use the word ‘survivors’ not victims because despite losing everything they ever owned, loved, or tendered, the strength and resilience the people of Nepal have demonstrated after the earthquake is extraordinary.

Their loved ones were buried under the rubble of their own homes that stood there protecting and sheltering generations of their family. The town that they called home, that their parents, grandparents, and their children grew up in, turned into a pile of rubble in just a matter of minutes. Many of them managed to survive the earthquake; but life ahead remains tough, without food, without shelter, and without loved ones.


Type of Expense Amount Unit               Total
Immediate disaster relief $7000 1 $7,000
Temporary homes for 800 families $130 800 $104,000
Total Cost $111,000

Details of funds raised for earthquake relief as of 08/10/2015

Type of fund         Amount
Global Giving Grant $15,000
Individual donations sent directly to the BTF $10,308
Amount raised by Amit Khanal from Dunkin Donuts in Chicago $800
GlobalGiving Disbursement $2,432
Amount raised by UIC Global Med student $190
Amount raised from Indigogo $395
Total $29,125

Details of funds spent in earthquake relief as of 8/12/2015

Type of Expense Amount Remarks
Wire transfer to Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha for earthquake relief $5,000.00 Provided food, blankets, and other relief materials to approximately 240 families in Gorkha, and 100 Dalit (lower caste) families in Dhading
Wire transfer to Rotary Club of Durbarmarg for earthquake relief $2,000.00 Relief provided to approximately 150 families in Kavre, and sindhupalchowk district. Provided food, blankets, roofing supplies and medical care.
Wire transfer to Help Nepal Network to build temporary homes for earthquake survivors $10,000.00 Help Nepal Network is actively working on rebuilding temporary homes for the earthquake survivors. The BTF has collaborated with HeNN to provide roofing materials and other building supplies to build the temporary homes.

Funding requirement details

Description Amount
Total fund required for the project $111,000
Amount raised to date $29,125
Amount spent for immediate relief $7,000
Remaining fund to be raised for the project $88,857


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